The SPEED SECRET is the over-all concept used by Jim Warren to make athletes FASTER. As a former High School All-American Football running back and Collegiate Track MVP, Jim understands full-well the demands of SPEED in competitive environments. Additionally Jim was tasked with making over 200 NFL players FASTER for the NFL COMBINE, Draft and season.

This knowledge and experience shaped his initial understanding of SPEED ENHANCEMENT. But after years of training 19-30 year old elite athletes, Jim was contracted to build a YOUTH performance program for a large fitness chain and was given the opportunity to research the differences between his typical 23-25 year old and a 12,14,16 year old YOUTH athlete.

Jim has since designed an amazing program that combined the best of his personal High school and Collegiate experience, the drills used by NFL (and other pro athletes) players, his 30+ years as an Internationally Certified and Award Winning MASTER TRAINER and the research into the nervous system, mind-set and physical constraints of young athletes. This is The SPEED SECRET. The TIMING of drills, the VOLUME of training, the INJURY PREVENTION exercises. Even the Psychology of the YOUNG ATHLETE.

What you end up with is a TOTALLY UNIQUE program unlike any in Colorado or the US.